The mix of information and graphics tells the stories about LPG!

This section presents a range of infographics that by mixing text and visuals into one image clearly illustrate interesting insights about LPG. The infographics cover a wide range of topics related to LPG, and we are pretty sure that we can guarantee you one thing: After checking out our infographics, you will know something new.

Fun facts about LPG

Did you know that LPG can be used as an energy source throughout your home, for cooking as well as heating? On the Siraga LinkedIn page, we have posted a series of fun facts about LPG - and we have collected the graphics here.

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The benefits of LPG

LPG is a versatile fuel with numerous benefits. It is good for your health, the climate, the future and much more. By mixing facts and figures with explanatory illustrations, these infographics basically tell you everything you need to know about LPG.

Get your facts straight about LPG