MAKEEN Energy delivers record results

The results from the financial year 2017 have now been approved and signed, and at MAKEEN Energy, we look at the numbers with pride. Through our various companies and brands, we can present a turnover of DKK 1 billion (~ EUR 136M) - an impressive result that breaks all previous records. And a result we must thank our entities and their dedicated efforts for. They deliver the goods every day and continuously focus on our common strategy about being wherever the customers are. A combination that not only brings in great results, but also puts smiles on our faces.

Strategy about nearness has paved the way

The long-standing strategy about being wherever the customers are has put a strong mark on top and bottom lines at MAKEEN Energy. The group joins Kosan Crisplant a/s, Siraga, KC LNG, KC ProSupply and MAKEEN Power a/s under one roof and has offices all over the world.

" We are proud of the great results for 2017, but especially of how they were achieved. Some years ago, we asked our customers how we could strengthen the co-operation, and most of all they wanted nearness. Today, we are present across the world, and this strategy clearly yields results.

Anders C. Anderson, CEO of MAKEEN Energy a/s and Kosan Crisplant a/s

Joint efforts pay off

To act up to the strategy about meeting the customers wherever they are, the focus on geography has been backed up by efforts regarding products and services.

As a result, the company has added new business areas and competences to its product portfolio in recent years. The specialised house of energy now delivers and handles solutions for LPG through Kosan Crisplant and Siraga, equipment for LNG through KC LNG, decentralised power plants through MAKEEN Power and component sales through KC ProSupply.