Siraga at a glance

Established 1936 as a manufacturing company and based in Buzançais in central France, Siraga today is specialised in the design, engineering and construction of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) filling plants worldwide. Our activities include equipment sales as well as turnkey installations handled from our headquarters in France and our offices across the world. We offer long, profound experience and expertise that includes productivity improvement and safety at our customers' plants, and how to reduce human action in dangerous, onerous and non-value adding operations. Our services include engineering, consultancy, training, after-sales service and spare parts. This mix of worldwide presence, state-of-the-art technology and expertise is the key to our success.

On 31 December 2012 Siraga joined the Saudi Al-Ayuni Investment & Contracting group thus being the first company to form the base for what later became the Al-Ayuni energy division, MAKEEN Energy, established 2016.

The world of Siraga

Our 10,000 m2 workshop in France is the home of everything we manufacture. A large area of this facility is dedicated to pre-assembly and assembly of our products, and to factory testing of all machines under conditions resembling actual operations prior to shipment, which enables us to verify that everything has been made according to our customers' specifications.

The workshop also includes an in-house powder painting booth for first class finish of all painted items. The quality allows for durable impact and corrosion resistance. The booth boasts environmental protection that reduces solvent emissions into the atmosphere to zero.

The entire production is computerised with automatic follow-up on all key stages which allows us to track any order in real time. One of our production lines uses robots for standardised jobs, which generates a high and flexible throughput to meet strong demands.

Our team of design engineers is dedicated to producing complete studies for any design, manufacture and test of machines before they are released to our customers. Siraga holds several active patents, and our Design Office ensures that everything we do is carried out using the latest technology available to us and according to current norms and standards anywhere in the world.