Streamer laying / removing machine

With safe PLC management, automatic stop in case of roll breakage, and many other advantages, Siraga's streamer laying and removing machine opens up new possibilities for brand communication by turning your cylinders into tools of sales promotion.

Streamer laying on LPG cylinders


  • Intrinsically safe PLC management
  • Roll change in a few minutes
  • Automatic stopping in case of break of the roll
  • Maintenance assistance thanks to inputs/outputs TEST mode and STEP BY STEP mod
  • The machine is delivered with ATEX and EEC certificates

A simple and efficient tool for cylinder brand differentiation 


  • Use cylinder as a new communication tool
  • Increase your communication space
  • Get a competitive advantage by proposing an attractive design streamer

Sales promotion

  • Cylinder becomes a sales promotion tool


  • Safety instructions and suggestions can be highlighted on cylinder body

The Siraga team assists customers in defining theirs needs, from adequate sleeve creation till setting up of the best solution to meet their requirements (manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic).