Pallets and racks

Siraga's pallets and racks for LPG cylinders are made with a galvanized frame, providing superior durability and lower maintenance cost. If desired, pallets can be supplied in shipments of 80 or 150 kits, in 20' or 40' containers.

For sales points, our cylinder racks fit a variety of cylinder types and are fully customizable to display the colour and logo of your choosing.

Pallets for LPG cylinders

  • Fibre glass closing bar
  • Galvanized frame
  • Possibility to supply pallets in kits (shipment by 80 or 150 kits, in 20’ or 40’ containers)

Cylinders racks for points of sales

  • Galvanised or painted frame
  • Designed for one or numerous cylinder types
  • Closing by lockers
  • Version with chains or wire netting
  • Can be customized with colour and logo