A box of great beginnings



The challenge
To construct a small turnkey filling center at a very economical price.

Our solution
Konten'er - a containerized filling plant.

The outcome
A filling plant with an excellent ratio of price to production which can be moved elsewhere if SANOL's requirements change in the future.

Scope of supply

  • 20' container
  • LPG storage
  • Compressor
  • LPG pump

SANOL did not need much: A small filling plant that would let them stake their claim on the Togolese LPG market. It had to be economical, able to start operations within a short time and fill cylinders with great efficiency. What kind of solution could satisfy all these demands? For us, the answer was obvious: Konten'er.

If you are not familiar with the name, Konten'er is the name of Siraga's line of container solutions. In one or two 20' filling containers, we can install enough equipment to get a small filling operation running in practically no time at all. All at a low initial investment and with great efficiency — exactly what SANOL needed.

No time to waste

The container solution we tailored for SANOL involved a complete turnkey filling plant in a 20' container along with a firefighting system, LPG storage, LPG compressor and an LPG pump. We delivered all the equipment and took care of all the commissioning, with the exception of a few mechanical works, civil works and the construction of the plant's administrative building.

Although we adapted this solution to meet SANOL's specific needs, the general principle of the plant is not new for Siraga. In fact, this is the 10th filling plant of this type that we have built. Our accumulated experience allows us to promise a commissioning time of no more than 10 days. Naturally, we made good on this promise to SANOL as well, while also keeping their engineering costs very low and adhering to the strict French safety codes.

Efficient and flexible

With a filling line capacity of approx. 9000 tonnes per year, this plant's ratio of price to production is virtually incomparable to any other filling plant. The capacity is low compared to most other filling plants, but it is great value. For a new player like SANOL, it is the perfect solution to set up a business.

And if the market grows, and SANOL wishes to expand their business, the Konten'er solution leaves room for that as well. Unlike a stationary filling plant, it can easily be 'unplugged' and shipped to another location, allowing SANOL to conquer new market shares somewhere else. The original location can then be upgraded with, for example, a filling carrousel with higher capacity.