Argentina, Siraga's new conquest


The customer
YPF Gas, Argentina
Extragas, Argentina

The customer's challenge
Cost reduction in terms of fewer operations performed by the operators and a higher filling reliability and more accurate filling precision was the challenge for both these customers.

Siraga's solution
Siraga installed new filling lines at the customers' plants using new technology with guaranteed improved filling precision and accuracy.

The result
Both customers reduced the need for manpower at their plant and now fill with highly improved accuracy of 95% of all cylinders with ±50 g.

Project execution

Scope of supply

  • 3 complete filling lines
    for YPF Gas
  • 1 complete filling line
    for Extragas

Comeback with a bang

Having been absent from the Argentinian market for nearly a decade, Siraga came back with full force in 2012. The two major players in the Argentinian cylinder distribution market, the national oil company YPF Gas and the privately owned company Extragas, asked Siraga to not only upgrade their main gas filling facilities, but in doing so also to reduce the necessary use of manpower for operating the plants. Siraga won the job and with it a good chunk of the market ahead of an Argentinian competitor.

State-of-the-art filling lines

Siraga installed three complete filling lines for YPF Gas and one complete filling line for Extragas. All four lines are modernised and fully automated in order to reduce the number of operators needed to run the plants, and to improve the filling accuracy from 150 to 200 g/cylinder of 10 and 15 kg with a guaranteed precision of 95% of the cylinders being within ± 50 g. The lines installed by Siraga are adapted to serve the local market, meaning that gas cylinders for Argentinian end-users accommodate market specific taps instead of valves for closing the cylinders.

Relationship based on trust

The renowned robustness of Siraga equipment and proven technical performance of the machines, as well as our team's ability to adapt to a wide range of specific requirements, were decisive for placing trust in a solution from Siraga. The excellent reputation of our after-sales service and ease of maintaining the equipment also reassured the customers. A contract with Siraga builds on a genuine relationship based on trust and this makes all the difference in the long run.