Siraga joins the Saudi Al-Ayuni group

Dear Partner,

At this beginning of year 2013, we are pleased to announce that the SIRAGA Group joined the Saudi group Al-Ayuni.

This acquisition, effective from 1 January 2013, is part of a development to better meet the needs and expectations of our customers by offering a comprehensive product range of LPG Cylinder Filling Plants on a Turn Key Basis.

The future takes shape...

This strategic alliance of SIRAGA with AL-AYUNI will bring with it a new dynamic growth in its markets, thanks to the integration with a Middle East leader in the fields of civil construction, public works and railways.

As outlined by Eric Batise, General Manager of SIRAGA:
"We are very pleased with the arrival of AL-AYUNI Group into the shareholder base of SIRAGA. This industrial Group will allow us to plan and keep a long-term strategy. It will provide us with additional technical and fi nancial support that we expect will secure a sustainable development of the company".

From now, this operation allows SIRAGA to be positioned as a solid actor, reliable and ambitious within the LPG industry sector.

"Gaining credibility and reaching new markets is also one of the targets of this association", said Eric Batise, "and the size and ambition of the new shareholders allows SIRAGA to strengthen its historic businesses and enter into new sectors of the energy".

Again, we thank you for your trust and wish you an excellent Year 2013.


Founded in the 60s by Mr. Hamad Abdullah Al-Ayuni, AL-AYUNI Group, which is still owned and operated by the eponymous family, has become a major player in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in civil construction, public works and railway network sectors.

With a turnover of around 300 million euro mainly concentrated in Saudi Arabia, the acquisition of SIRAGA Group is therefore part of a business framework and geographic diversification.

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